Mission Statement

Our Mission at Spirit Wild Kempo Karate

At Spirit Wild Kempo Karate, programs are structured towards the beneficial needs of the child and the foundations that that child will need to advance at school, home and in everyday life. While your sons and daughters are learning the prescribed Martial Arts material they are also taught the benefits of being focused,  having and demonstrating self control and self reliance, and that the decisions they make in their lives have positive and negative repercussions. In our programs kids are taught and shown the positive and the negative side of their decision making by examples in their everyday lives. For instance, outside the dojo, if a child chooses not to listen to their teacher or parents, and not do what they are told, the negative response is loss of personal items or some kind of detention. If the child chooses to follow the prescribed direction, the response is positive in the form of some kind of reward, good grades or a special treat or simply that there is no negative response. Over the last few years, schools have become more and more demanding of not only our kids, but the parents as well. With the pressures of more home work, higher levels of expectations from our teachers and less time for parents to help due to busy schedules, a child needs all the tools they can get to be able to cope with all that is expected of them.

My goal at the Spirit Wild dojo is to give our students these tools and the understanding of making good decisions in their lives. Each student at our dojo is expected to do well at home and at school and show a certain level of respect and self control. Before a student can be tested for their next rank, a letter of intent to promote is sent home and must be signed by not only mom and dad, but by their teachers at school. On a scale of one to five, the child must have a four or five in order to receive an invitation to be tested, therefore making them responsible for their actions and decision making at home and at school. In our studies kids are taught to make small achievable goals, taking small steps towards that next level whether it be in their martial studies, home or school. When goals are set and achieved, the process of self esteem and confidence begins to finds its way into the hearts of each and every student. For students not lacking in these areas, this is great reinforcement in their natural abilities. Small goals are a way to practice for and set the foundation of much larger goals in the future.

An example is our goal wall. At the Spirit Wild dojo all belts are displayed on the wall as a visual representation of their next rank. Instead of putting a black belt on the wall, which can seem so far away and open the door for frustrations and the possibility of quitting, their next rank is displayed. This is a goal that can be reached in a much shorter amount of time giving the student that important feeling of achievement which is the true foundation of confidence. As your child enters the dojo, they will see the next rank that they are working towards and set that goal of achieving that next colored belt. Also within each belt level there are achieved stripes which represent material within that rank, giving more attainable goals at each level. The kids are taught that there is only one way to attain this next level of ranking, and that is through hard work, focus, determination and practice, the same that will be expected of them at home and at school. While your child learns and achieves balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, and speed in their martial studies they will also learn the important qualities of focus, self control, self reliance, good decision making skills and discover the confidence needed for a healthy and productive life.