Ron Paine, SENSEI

I began my training in 1991 at a United Studios in Belmont, California. After receiving my purple belt I felt the need to move on as politics and egos found there way into the dojo.  I continued my studies with Sensei Mark Cameron in San Mateo, California, furthering my training in Kempo Karate and also in Shotokan Karate. As Kempo has foundational Japanese influences, the two styles worked well together in the lower ranks of the Kempo Karate system. My love of the Martial Arts began as a way to strengthen the relationship between my son and myself. As a single parent I wanted something that we could share and grow through together. In 1996 I earned my Shodan in Kempo Karate and my Shodan in Shotokan Karate and began teaching shortly thereafter at the International Self Defense Institute under Sensei Cameron. In 1997 I became partners with Sensei Cameron at ISDI and had my first dojo. In 1998 I earned my Nidan in Kempo Karate and a few years later we sold the ISDI dojo in San Mateo. Sensei Cameron and I Still keep in touch to this day and I will always consider him a great friend and teacher.

In 2002, feeling a great need for change, I moved my family to Parker Colorado and was soon on the hunt for a dojo so that I could continue my training in Kempo. There wasn’t a lot offered in the way of Kempo systems in my area of Colorado, so I continued my studies and training in Shotokan Karate under 9th dan Yutaka Yaguchi sensei, who received his nidan from Gichin Funikoshi Sensei, and is chief instructor of the ISKF for North America and Canada, based in Denver. Still wanting to further my studies in Kempo, I began training with various people from different Kempo organizations around Colorado. I was lucky enough to meet a gentleman by the name of Sensei Martin Castro, family of Great Grand Master Ralph Castro. It was by chance that Sensei Castro grew up in the Bay Area, like myself, and trained under Senior Grand Master Rick Alemany, whom I am very grateful to have trained with as well.


After a few years of training in different styles of Kempo / Kenpo I decided it was time to keep my style of Kempo going and opened up my second dojo right here in Parker, Colorado. In March of 2009, I earned my Sandan in Kempo and have furthered my studies and earned my yonkyu in Senshin Ryu Jujustu under Brett Denison, Shehan and have recently been awarded my Yondan through the Kokusai Gendai Budo Remnei. It didn’t take long to name our new dojo. Spirit Wild Kempo Karate comes from my love of the outdoors and everything she has to offer. The name Spirit Wild means exactly that, keeping one self young at heart, mind, body and spirit. With my teachings I bring the knowledge, tradition, ethics and inspirations of all my studies and love of the Martial Arts to all my students.   

Welcome to Spirit Wild Kempo Karate.
Ron Paine,  Sensei