Welcome To Spirit Wild Kempo Karate

“ Focus and Self Control are the foundations of learning “ ~ Ron Paine,  Sensei

Spirit Wild Kempo Karate teaches traditional Martial Arts with modern methods. Whether you’re in it for the tradition, health or piece of mind the Spirit Wild dojo has a program for you.

Our kids programs focus on the skills and tools your child will need to cope with all that is and will be expected of them at home school and in everyday life. While building their coordination, motor skills and flexibility, Kids learn Focus, Self Control, Self Reliance, Respect, and the Good Decision making skills that will set the foundation for years to come. 

Our Adults train in a traditional yet relaxed setting. The adult programs are a great way to relieve stress, gain flexibility, strength and improved health while learning the system of Kempo Karate. Our system of Kempo Karate is a modern street defense martial art with its roots in traditional kata and teachings. Adults choose their level of training, from simple movement to take downs and practical waza application. Not all adults that take the path into their Martial Studies are looking for the same results. Some will come for their health, some for traditional studies and self-defense, but all will come to better themselves.